Project Cyber Colosseum

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1.05 Ethereum


Cyber ​​Colosseum is a game about gladiators who fight to earn the most expensive substance in the universe. This is Irikry. The game will be on Android/IOS.

In the game, you can fight in the colosseum against other gladiators to earn Irikry. With Irikry, you can create new gladiators and sell their NFTs to earn money.

Our project consists of 6 collections. More details about our project and its collections can be found in the discord server. The photo is provided by NFT from the first collection “I am Bender Rodriguez”.

The robot Bender from the Futurama animated series was taken as the basis. In our game, he is an exclusive manager who can improve your gladiator’s performance. Bender holders will also receive many bonuses, one of these bonuses is a free NFT of one gladiator. More details about bonuses can be found on the discord server.

The exact number of NFTs in this collection is still unknown, it will be somewhere from 5000 to 7000 pieces. In the discord server, you can get into the white list, which is 2000 places.

We will be glad to see everyone as a part of our project. Together we will earn a lot of money and emotions.