100+ Best Crypto Analyst & Traders List (Updated 2024)

It was only an idea until we made it a reality: building an extensive database of blockchain and cryptocurrency analysts that have all been carefully examined and evaluated by professionals in the field.

NFT Droppers searches evaluates, and assesses all cryptocurrency analysts to give prospective investors and business owners a superb list of expertly evaluated influencers. Each KOL profile includes a thorough study and an unbiased assessment. Every influencer in our database is assessed using more than 80 factors, including audience size, internet visibility, affiliation with fraudulent cryptocurrency campaigns, funding associations, sponsored campaigns, and more. NFT Droppers is the ideal place to keep track of and assess the reliability of cryptocurrency analysts!

What are the pros of following a cryptocurrency analyst?

Following crypto analysts on social media could have the following advantages:

Trend orientation: Trends, stories, and events that may affect the cryptocurrency market are examined by analysts. It can assist you in determining which cryptocurrencies will be advantageous in the future.

Reducing risk: Crypto experts can help you prevent financial losses by warning you of possible dangers and pitfalls in the market.

Time-saving: Relying on seasoned crypto analysts might help you save time when conducting your research.

Simplifying decision-making: If you are new to the crypto world or find it difficult to understand market analytics, following cryptocurrency analysts can assist you in making well-informed decisions.

How do we rank the best crypto analyst accounts?

We use the NFT Droppers Score, a unique ranking system made up of over 80 variables related to audience quality, engagement rate, content value, posting frequency, and other relevant data to rank new and elite crypto experts. We offer the most objective and comprehensive evaluation of both experienced and growing crypto analysts by integrating a mathematical formula into the examination of statistical data and official information about each analyst.

Who is a crypto investment analyst?

A specialist who studies different aspects of the cryptocurrency market and analyzes it is known as a crypto analyst. It might contain analyses of news, fundamental events, and price dynamics that affect the cryptocurrency market. Determining the variables that may affect cryptocurrency exchange rates and potential price changes is the primary objective of crypto analysts. Crypto analysts use a variety of tools and techniques, such as competitor environment analysis, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis.

How to find the best crypto analyst to follow?

Participate in blockchain-related events such as conferences and meetings to establish connections with business leaders and analysts.

Discover reliable cryptocurrency analysts by connecting with like-minded individuals by joining social media groups and communities and visiting forums.

Do a Google search for “crypto analysts.” They most likely have blogs or websites where they provide original thoughts, and research findings, and charge for consulting services.

Use NFT Droppers to locate cryptocurrency analysts. The most tried-and-true and effective way is to locate a platform that specializes in compiling, evaluating, and combining the opinions of different crypto analysts and gives you access to their reviews and statistics.