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Our publications connect with a wide range of cryptocurrency users who are enthusiastic about all kinds of blockchain products. These includes:

✅ NFT collections

✅ Token sales such as ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs

✅ All kinds of Crypto Exchanges

✅ DeFi Platforms (Layer 1 and Layer 2)

✅ Blockchains

✅ DAOs

How it Works?

(Simple and fast method for distributing press releases)

Our PR service is especially made for projects that need branding help in order to be spread throughout the cryptocurrency market. This can be done with the constant focus on quality and content.

1.Select your package

Select a plan based on what your demands and budget allow. It is even possible to choose certain publishers.

2.Submit your press release

We bring the eyes, you bring the story.

3. Observe how the world receives your releases

Your release will appear on top Web3 media sites in a matter of hours.

4. Track your coverage

It’s simple to monitor your coverage and measure the success of your PR effort with our feature-rich analytics dashboard.

Distribute Your News on Top Crypto News Sites

We take great pride in the publishing ecosystem we have built over the past ten years. Reputable blockchain and cryptocurrency news websites are our partners. Every website has a direct connection to our system, making sure every release is covered.

1.Completely Guaranteed Coverage

Results are dependent on your campaign spend and published on blockchain and cryptocurrency websites. Just select your preferences, then watch the coverage come in!

2. Major Network of Connections

Having worked in the cryptocurrency space for more than ten years, we have developed a network of editors and journalists at major media outlets.

3. Results Without Effort

We have direct integrations with numerous blogs and media. This makes it possible to distribute press releases automatically and quickly.

4. Upcoming Features

In the near future, we intend to add more features that will simplify and improve NFT Droppers.Get immediate worldwide news release coverage from our partner publications.

Introducing NFT Droppers, the Leading Crypto Newswire

Our blockchain and crypto wire service ensures media coverage because of our direct integrations with our crypto magazine partners. Get people to read your story as soon as it’s published.

  • Decide when you want to start.
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  • Watch the coverage begin to appear immediately.
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Hundreds of crypto projects have partnered with us. Our objective is to effortlessly deliver coverage by integrating our platform with the most recent cryptocurrency news.

Crypto Press Release Distribution Services



Distribution to 10 news outlets

Featured on the Blog page of all news outlets

Same-day distribution

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Guaranteed distribution to top crypto news outlets:

Ultra Premium


Distribution to 25+ news outlets

Featured on the Blog page of all news outlets

Same-day distribution

Customer support

SEO adjustments

Guaranteed distribution to top crypto news outlets:


Press release submission services for cryptocurrencies provide customized products that deliver your press releases about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in front of the correct journalists, editors, and audiences.

You can create excitement about your project, raise awareness, and draw in users and investors by efficiently distributing your press release. Additionally, distributing press releases enhances the legitimacy of your cryptocurrency project.

If other websites have chosen to post your press release then it is a good sign that it was a success. You’ll have to use search engines to see if this has happened. See what comes up when you type your precise press release title into Google’s search bar.

Distribution of crypto press releases is an essential part of every platform or project’s PR plan that succeeds. You can create appealing content that connects with the target audience with the help of knowledgeable crypto PR firms.

Crypto press release distribution services, also known as wire services, take your press release and use news syndication and PR outreach to sell it to the appropriate audiences and organizations.

Press release (PR) turnaround times can differ based on a number of factors, such as the announcement’s complexity, the media outlets you want to reach, and the channels you want to use for distribution.

NFT Droppers offers press release distribution solutions that are incredibly economical for companies of all sizes especially when compared to other cryptocurrency press release distribution services. Typically, using NFT Droppers to distribute a crypto press release is less expensive than contacting media directly.

Yes, we provide customized packages. If you want us to create a customized package for you, please contact us.

Yes, you can see publications that each package includes by visiting our website.

NFT Droppers gives you the freedom to choose specific publishers. We allow you to select your target media outlets based on your industry, geographic preferences, and other criteria.

Yes, NFT Droppers allows you to speak with a representative before placing an order. This can be beneficial to ensure that you understand the services offered, discuss your specific needs, and get assistance in tailoring your press release distribution strategy.