10+ Best Crypto Instagram Accounts List in 2024

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Ultimate List of All Crypto Influencers on Instagram

Finding a trustworthy and dependable influencer and a platform that is fully dedicated to professional analysis is invaluable in a world where every investment project and every credible investor seems to be shadowed by the possibility of scams.

The NFT Droppers team created a full platform devoted to Instagram crypto influencers. Here, we continuously search the Internet for significant thought leaders and influencers working in the cryptocurrency space, which we then thoroughly examine. We are here to give you an exact and polished data dashboard and overview, whether you’re looking for a list of the best female cryptocurrency traders on Instagram or female bitcoin miners on Instagram. We developed a unique rating system called NFT Droppers Score, which includes more than 80 characteristics that determine the potential and dependability of a certain influential persona, to provide an objective evaluation component to all of our assessments.

Who are Instagram crypto influencers?

Crypto influencers are individuals or groups who share content on Instagram about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Crypto influencers are typically experts in the field who can impart their expertise, wisdom, and experience to a group of others who share their interests. An influencer in the cryptocurrency space helps their audience stay up to date on the newest developments and trends in the fields of blockchain, NFT, DeFi, and cryptocurrency. The primary categories of crypto influencers are as follows:

Trader or analyst: An individual who produces content about market analysis or price forecasts for different digital assets.

A cryptocurrency expert: A person who offers instructional content on infrastructure, blockchain technology, and other topics that are in some way connected to cryptocurrencies.

An investor: A person who talks about potential investments and money management techniques that are relevant to the cryptocurrency industry.

A developer, entrepreneur, or project team member: An individual who presents to the audience his or her new project, discoveries, and elaborations in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field. These kinds of influencers are typically connected to certain businesses, networks, token initiatives, or investment funds.

What topics are discussed by bitcoin traders on Instagram?

It is no secret that the world of cryptocurrency trading is unpredictable and dynamic; the subjects are highly divisive and constantly changing. But in this ever-changing environment, some conversations are essential and happen every day:

Fundamental price analysis: Talks about recent price movements and price patterns; discusses news and other variables that affect an asset’s price.

Trading strategies: A discussion of day trading, swing trading, long-term investing, and other trading philosophies.

Technical indicators: This section discusses trading techniques that make use of indicators like RSI, MACD, and moving averages.

Risk management: Talks about money management techniques and trading and investment risk management tips.

How do you find trustworthy crypto traders on Instagram?

The following advice will assist you in deciding if an Instagram cryptocurrency trader is reputable:

Research Their Background: Seek out details regarding the trader’s history and expertise. Do they own an authentic past in the cryptocurrency domain? Do they have an established trading history or have they collaborated with respectable organizations?

Check profiles that Have Been Verified: A few reputable crypto analysts and traders may have verified Instagram profiles. Despite its limitations, this can offer a certain degree of validity.

Stay Away from Promises of Guaranteed Returns: Be cautious of traders who offer huge returns that are guaranteed to occur without taking risks. Trading cryptocurrencies is always dangerous, and financial gains are never guaranteed.

Top female IG crypto influencers

The adoption of cryptocurrency is not limited to men. Here are the TOP 5 female Instagram influencers who concentrate on educating the public about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies:

WendyO’s Crypto: She produces analytical videos, publishes interviews with industry leaders, and offers instructional webinars and events.

Girl Gone Crypto: Lea Thompson produces readable and engaging literature that covers a variety of cryptocurrency subjects.

Natalie Brunell: Cryptocurrency expert who disseminates market analysis and news. In addition, she teaches Bitcoin and works as a journalist and podcaster.

Tavonia Evans: She is not only an American businesswoman and author but also a true crypto specialist. In addition, she is the developer and founder of the cryptocurrency Guapcoin. Tavonia uses her social media following as a weapon to encourage Black people to embrace cryptocurrency and achieve financial independence.

Meltem Demirors: She is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, investor, and co-founder of CoinShares, the biggest digital asset investing company in Europe.