OfficeLand NFT Game Presale


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OfficeLand NFT Game Presale

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Company: WAX

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? The office is open now!
? Get ready for the first phase presale for the first #officelander team building.
The whitelisted wallet address will be received a WHITELIST card airdrop and can be able to buy character pack before the public sale for 1 hour! You can unpack and combine your character staff to upgrade for higher rarity cards.
? Player who purchases and has character cards on this sale can be able to do staking when the gameplay is launched before another player!

βšͺ️ Standard 1500 packs
? Gold 1000 packs
? Premium 500 packs

⏰ Date: 23th November, 10:00 AM UTC

βœ… Whitelisted wallet address be able to buy before public sale for 1 hour. (23th Nov 10 AM UTC)

βœ… Public sale (23th Nov 11 AM UTC)