Lucky Cat MetaGenesis Frens

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1.05 Ethereum


Lucky Cat is a collection of 10 000 NFTs invading the Metaverse on Ethereum Blockchain.

In the AI tribe of the Multi-Metaverse, the Cat tribe has always guarded the balances, loves, wealth, fortunes and happiness of the universe. Until years of Meta-1944, as for the desires and own interests, the Eagles clan ignored the cosmic convention and privately destroyed the Breton’s seal buried in the deep forest

Write your own Lucky Cat “WORD OF POWER” (Description) for the NFT you minted.

Lucky Cat AI = Ticket & Avatar for enter to our future Web 3.0 “Genesis Space” Platform.

(*With invitation priority ~ ability to invite friends or family into the Platform)

Mysterious airdrop and various future privileges time by time.

Lucky Cat AI owner’s Community Funds Pool voting right (DAO)