FEWOCiOUS has partnered with Nifty Gateway for the first drop of “FewoWorld,” titled “Paint.” This is the maiden offering of the talented artist’s generative art project and Web 3 universe. This NFT collection is crucial to the lore because “Paint” is the building block to all life in FewoWorld.

In addition, holders of “Paint drops” will be able to unlock things in FewoWorld, including Canvas and Fewos, eventually. Canvas is a reward for top paint holders and paint party attendees. Meanwhile, Fewos are the inhabitants of the FewoWorld.

FewoWorld: Paint NFT Drop

There will be no limit to the amount of “Paint” you can purchase in the initial drop. After purchasing your Paint Drop, you will receive ONE unique NFT representing the Paint purchased amount. The only Paint available is what will be minted as Paint Drops in the initial primary market sale, as well as what will be airdropped to past Paint Party attendees and what will eventually be “mined” at future paint parties.

Paint Parties are IRL experiences (and eventually possibly virtual ones) where FEWOCiOUS himself paints with Fewo holders. Then, the team will store the paintings from these Paint Parties in a physical “Paint Party” vault. Here’s the price range of the NFTs:

  • 1 Unit of Paint = $500 – Fewo Holders Pre-Sale Mint Open Edition
  • 1 Unit of Paint = $1,000 USD – Public Mint Open Edition

Paint party attendees will be contacted for their wallet addresses to be airdropped (1) Paint after the initial drop, plus (1) Canvas when they release later this year. A supply of 2,500 paint will be held in the FewoWorld Vault to be distributed to past and future paint party attendees (1 Paint Drop containing 1 unit of Paint per attendee).

You can purchase a “Paint Drop” (a bundle of Paint) on April 3 via Nifty Gateway. The drop will start by 12 PM ET for Fewo holders and 5 PM ET for the public. Then, the sale will conclude on April 4 at 5 PM ET.