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1.05 Ethereum


Àrthropo operates at the nexus of art and technology. Re-imagining art delivery mechanisms through NFT technology and re-interpreting artistic formats for a web3 audience, Àrthropo is an innovative digital experience rich on storytelling and artistic integrity.

We attempt to answer the important questions while addressing themes of great relevance through the work of selected artists and creators, carefully chosen to deliver a vision and perspective on each specific theme.

The result will be a one of a kind, engaging and thought-provoking, timely NFT art drop.

  • The À Pass grants you access to Àrthropo’s exclusive fine art community, consisting of artists, collectors, and pioneers of web3 art.
  • Owning the À Pass means you have access to our monthly À Drops: a collection of brand new creations from a diverse set of web3 artists from around the world. Each À Drop focuses around a meaningful theme to inspire the work of our featured artists. À Pass holders secure their access to new and exclusive pieces of art from the best artists in the web3 space. Each artist that partners with Arthropo brings their own specialized domain of work, whether it be photography, interpretative illustration, portraiture, 3D, poetry – anything and everything.
  • In addition to monthly À Drops, Àrthropo will feature special artist auctions that are exclusive to À Pass holders, as well as exclusive invitations to IRL galleries and events.
  • Our Founder’s Edition À Passes is a limited collection of 250, minting on August 26 2022, at 3PM EST, for 1ETH.

Our Manifesto:

1. Support crypto artists and crypto art community at large through the Àrthropo permanent collection

2. Promote education of crypto and crypto art through the Àrthropo Foundation

3. Bridge the gap between IRL and crypto art communities