Arab Meta Social Club Raffle



Arab Meta Social Club Raffle


Company: Arab Meta Social Club


The AMSC is a collection of 5555 Arab Metas that gives you access to the Elite of the Metaverse, and to an endless list of utilities.
WE sold already 1700 pieces at presale and only 3855 are available.
The community is really strong, only 15 Nfts listed under 1ETH and floor is higher than public sale price ( 0.3 )

The holders will get this utility after minting:
-Business and networking events
-access to whitelists and airdrops and free mints
-cross breeding utility : if you own an arab meta nft and a female arab meta ( upcoming collection ), you can create a babay arab meta
-access to an online learning platform
-developping of a 3D world in the metaverse

Public sale is going trough a raffle system.