Tuning In NFTs

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1.05 Ethereum


Tuning In NFTs is a tokenized music distribution club that is grooving it’s way onto the Ethereum Blockchain.

They are a global community for people who share a passion for culture and for music, and they are uniting independent artists and passionate listeners in a space where music and culture are celebrated.

Their goal is to be a part of the personal music journeys for their club members. They aim to provide an experience that brings us back to a time where discovering new music was not controlled by capitalist enterprises; to a time where independent artists could be discovered and enjoyed at our leisure.

If you are new to the sound side of the NFT space, this is a great onboarding opportunity. Tuning In invites you to discover incredible music in a fun and welcoming social environment, and to collect exclusive Music NFTs via airdrop as a Club Member.

Public Mint Price: 0,06ETH

Genesis Collection : 5,500 tokens

There are many additional value features built into this project.

For more information, please visit their Twitter / Discord.