Trailer Park Tramps



Trailer Park Tramps


DATE: May 18, 2022 – May 25, 2022




Trailer Park Tramps is a collection of 4200 sexy fun-loving women ready to party in the Metaverse and beyond!  This is the very first collection in a series offered by Trailer Park Titans and is focused on art, utility and providing value to NFT holders.

Participants will receive their Trailer Park Tramp NFT, Meth Lab Makeover NFT and an animated voxel character that resembles their TPT and can be used in gameplay and to explore the metaverse.


PHASE 1 – First Quarter 2022 (Completed)

– Draw and generate the collection.

– Begin the marketing campaign.

– Set the launch date.

PHASE 2 – Second Quarter 2022

– Launch the Trailer Park Tramps collection on April 13, 2022

– Purchase and develop first piece of “land” in the Metaverse.

– Make a charitable contribution to help those affected by natural disasters.

– Contests and Giveaways.

– The community will work together to design the spinoff collection – Meth Lab Makeovers. Yes, we are giving the girls a makeover.  Community members will be involved in decision making throughout the process.

PHASE 3 – Third Quarter 2022

– Continue working to create value for the community.

– Begin distributing the animated Foxy Voxy’s to Trailer Park Tramps holders.

– Expand to additional platforms in the Metaverse.

– Introduce the Trailer Park Tools & Trailer Park Taters (picture kids with mullets).

PHASE 4 – Fourth Quarter and Beyond

– Collaboration between the team and community to build upon our solid foundation.

The Artist

– Charly is a professional tattoo artist that decided to apply her skills to the NFT world.  Be on the lookout for a special t-shirt featuring a tattoo designed by Charly.