The Izzland Projects



The Izzland Projects


DATE: July 18, 2022 – July 25, 2022



The Izzland Projects was founded in the 8th dimension of an adventurous 8-year-old girl’s vivid imagination. A vector space, without any notion of distance or time. Each character is initially hand-drawn and conceptually developed with intrinsic rarities, evolving into a teen painting that reaches full maturity as an NFT.

We want to share it with the world so our floor price is set at 0.0102 eth regardless of rarities attached to them. We have 1000 nft tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain ERC-1155 hosted on opensea. And our second and third collections are on their way. Our collection revolves around our unique characters and their story, and like each of us, their place in the world.

Our first collection is Nowhere Man.

Is a paralegal that operates at the intergalactic bureau for misunderstood parasites and has proprioception for malfeasance. A collective and vastly stitched memory from when the progression of events from the past to the present into the future allows for a fundamental understanding of where each life exists in the metaverse.

He travels the metaverse collecting orphaned parababies and houses them in his vast and endless coat of space which is approximately a billion light-years in diameter. The infant parasites go on to fully mature full life cycle and are imbued with all knowledge accumulated by the Nowhere Man.

The Nowhere Man is here, nowhere, and everywhere at the same time and sometimes at the same place twice at the same time.