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The Broken World

A crack in the dimensional rift has formed…the spirits have descended.

The Year is 2673, humans have experienced their first extinction-level event, later known as The Broken World. Strange meteors of energy fell to the Earth. Scientists were unable to explain the occurrence of various dimensional gates, flooding the world’s major countries and opening where these meteors of energy would fall. The epicenter of it all, Japan, the world’s leading powerhouse in technology and infrastructure.

Our story begins in Tokyo, where individuals begin experiencing other-worldly events. This experience was later known as “The Awakening”. Average people became recognizable heroes overnight through this process. Some were able to produce fire from their bare hands, some were able to control electricity, while others were given the strength of thousands of trained warriors. The World Government had an emergency meeting to address the newfound powers that individuals were experiencing and were able to deduce that The Awakening had not only altered the physical principles of the world as we know it, but also the organic matter that resided within. These gifted humans were later dubbed “The Awakened” as part of the extinction-level event, The Broken World. These Awakened continued to overthrow governments and law-abiding officials could do nothing about it. Only Awakeners of similar strength were able to match the sheer force that the Awakened innately had.

The World Government began an emergency initiative, Project Kosekai, to rally the world’s Awakeners and start a new era of dominance, ruled by the 0.1%, through the power of the Awakened. Project Kosekai began by classifying the Awakened into character classes: Assassins, Warriors, Mages, and Healers. As the months progressed after the initial Awakening, these classes dovetailed into more powerful entities like Spearbearers as a subset of the Warrior-class or High Priests as a subset of the Healer-class. These 4 Classes were dubbed the founding classes that were a fundamental skillset as more and more individuals came to power.

These classes began ranking themselves through a power-system, controlled by The World Government from S-tier all the way to D-tier.

The emergence of The Awakened was also not without justifiable reason, as dimensional gates began to open in various parts of the world. Monsters of all shapes and sizes would flood the Earth. Only the Awakened had the power to defeat the power within these gates. The story remains incomplete…Kosekai is more than a simple project, it’s a story, a brand. Kosekai is a family and community. We are all Kosekai together.