Genesis: Web3 concierge service

CreatorsNFT Droppers
Collection Ethereum


1.05 Ethereum


Shegby is a web3 concierge service.
Our Locals worldwide earn money helping travelers. This NFT is for the OG-role holders only!

We issue a NFT which will gives the SHARE of all our ad income.
100 pieces only so every NFT holder will get 1/100 of every ad income every month without limits.

After the Genesis NFT will came Airdrop NFT sale which gives you the token airdrop after the TGE but before the CEX listing. You need to have EarlyAdopter role in Discord and contribute there if you want to take a place in this NFT mint.

Good luck and everyone is invited to our DAO of Locals who earn money helping travelers!

Dmitrii, CEO&Founder @ – web3 concierge service.
PS: Feel free to contact me in our Discord