DATE: October 27, 2021 – October 31, 2021



Awakened is completely different to every other project out there. Inspired by the Cyberpunk genre, we have 3 initial phases which move from launching a MultiPass system that upgrades itself over time; avatar minting; and then creating living, breathing cities with DAO governance and economies.

The truly unique aspect of this project is that MultiPass upgrades itself over time. Upgradability is built into this ERC-1155 token, which starts from the time of minting. There are a total of 5 levels, each with its own unique look, which gives the holder access to increased rarity when minting their avatar. The incentive to hold is, therefore, far higher than with a standard NFT.

MultiPass – Level 1 & 2 (static versions)

MultiPass doesn’t only allow minting of an avatar. Holders will be rewarded in Phase 1 of the project with a gear token, which in turn can be applied to an avatar to upgrade its weapons. Holders will also have the ability to burn a MultiPass to upgrade an existing avatar to a higher level, be eligible to receive an airdrop of special one-off characters, as well as receive special time-limited bonuses throughout.

When it comes to artwork, Awakened is far more advanced than the majority of PFPs. With the 10 base characters having completely different poses, their features, accessories and weapons are all completely unique with very little reuse. The depth of options is also incredibly high, meaning that there are potentially 1.4 million combinations – the majority of which will never be seen as avatars are strictly limited to 10,000.

During Phase Two of the project, these avatars will be revealed to those choosing to burn their MultiPass, and gear tokens will allow users to upgrade their avatars, meaning that holders have the opportunity to increase the rarity and value of their NFTs and also make them look even more incredible.

In Phase Three, which is slated for early 2022, we see cities and their respective DAOs go live. This phase includes the establishment of the $AWKND token which will act as in-game currency and be tied to a player’s real estate holdings in their home city. Governance will be the responsibility of the DAO, which will manage a city’s affairs, while a global council will set the boundaries from which everyone must work.