Zero Beings


1.05 Ethereum


Let’s Go cc0!

We like to keep things simple and drop some surprises along the way.

The Backstory!

Zero Beings NFTs consist of four primary collections deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Each collection serves a different purpose and some collections support simple utility along the way!

The ultimate goal is to build a community that has fun together, conduct some UI/UX research, create simple utilities, and generate good for Hope Neighborhood Learning Center (20% of all initial sales and royalties go to Hope NLC).

Phase 1 SOLD OUT and Phase 2 is about to launch! Don’t worry, you are still early!

Phase 2 – Zero Beings PFPs | cc0 NFT Collection

The Zero Beings collection is 6,583 NFTs deployed via ERC721 contract on the Ethereum blockchain. These are the collection of family photos of the Zero Beings who crash landed on the earth and are excited to share some cool stuff with everyone. Their story will be shared across the blockchain…secrets to be revealed (IRL surprise)!

Join the discord for a chance to get a pre-mint opportunity! First 48hrs after launch is a 0.00ETH mint and 0.01ETH after that.