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Unless you own a mansion, you can stake one Yogie. You will be able to stake up to ten Yogies per mansion if you own a mansion. Many doors will open for you if you stake your Yogies. You are now able to shop at our Item Shop.

Staking your Yogies will provide you with daily rewards. For each Yogie you stake, you can earn up to ten $Gemies per day!

Earn Congratulations, you can now begin earning $Gemies! Once your Yogies have been staked, they will produce 10 $Gemies per day for each Yogie. Everyone enjoys earning $Gemies, but you must spend it wisely!

Please visit our item shop and spend your earnings as you see fit. You can also boost your daily rewards by purchasing more Yogies or a car.

Create one of the most powerful empires. Now that you’ve staked your Yogies and amassed a sufficient number of $Gemies. You can begin by shopping in our item store and developing a strategy that works for you.

In Yogieland, there are numerous ways to establish a powerful empire. However, make certain that you are safe from enemy attacks!