Winter Monkes Mintminting



Winter Monkes Mint

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  • Presale Date: December 05, 2021 – December 12, 2021

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1.05 Ethereum


Happy holidays yall! We have a collection of 3333 randomly generated high quality winter monkes for 0.1 sol each! We originally started influenced by the SMB project as we have a tremendous amount of respect for SMB, SMB dao, and the development team however we wanted to take it further. We will be adding quite a few futures that we believe will be beneficial to build the best community, firstly we will be introducing staking, as well as deflationary NFTs by sweeping and burning with royalties, this is done in the hope that we will minimize the amount of NFTs listed on secondary market places. Our aim for the utility of our $Snow token is one of two things, firstly we will be introducing evolving / evolution which is done by acquiring 500 $Snow, this evolution will be evolving your winter monkes into winter yetis! We also plan on adding more evolutions as the accumulation of $Snow continues to aim to benefit all holders for as long as they hold! We also aim to have something very special to all people holding a winter monke + $Snow on Christmas , as well as a few other utilities with staked token $Snow that we will be revealing on twitter so stay tuned ;). Around 7pm PST we will be doing a giveaway for all holders/minters of our project, and during the duration of this giveaway all our mints will be 0.05 Sol! Afterwards we will be increasing the mint price back to the original price of mint which is 0.1 Sol , so don’t miss out on the pre sell out opportunities! Now we know perks just aren’t enough for a project, and to build our community even further we will be creating a winter monke DAO, and because of our respect for SMB as well as the holidays we will be donating a portion of royalties to SMB DAO, as well as 50 SOL to charities for children who have no present’s for Christmas! We love our community! So stay tuned and don’t forget to check us out, we’ll be waiting for you with a fresh cup of hot chocolate!