DATE: February 04, 2022 – February 11, 2022

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Whales in the NFT and crypto space get fatter and fatter, while the little frens like you and I struggle along the way to truly make it…

     This slow and often ineffective process frustrated us as much as it frustrates you right now so we came up with a plan to level the playing field a little.

     WhaleTogether Group is for the little frens. For the strugglers. For the ones trying to make it.

     Together we’re stronger. Together we can be a whale!

     We’re a unique family built on 3 pillars that will help hodlers whale together and leave no frens behind

1st Pillar: NFT collection

 Alphie is the friendly alpha whale you need in your life

 Alphie is an exclusive collection of 7,777 friendly alpha whales. Alphie frens will get immediate access to our tools and utility, alpha and educational channels in our discord and DAO access as well as voting power.

 The cost of an Alphie will be 0.077 and it will come with a ton of utility.

2nd Pillar – Tools/Utility & Discord Community

 Alphie frens will get immediate utility, unlike other projects. We have created an NFT companion tool with existing handy features and many more to come really soon!

 Our tool is a Chrome (Brave, Edge) extension that sits on top of Opensea and provides much needed extra functionality to your buying experience. Our current features you’ll have immediate access to are:

  Rarity rankings – Fetch the rarity/ranking of the whole collection with the click of a button.

Top traits/properties – See ownership % of that NFTs’ top property while browsing the collection or activity page.

Quick buy button – Click our buy button on collection or activity page. This then opens Metamask for you to confirm the transaction. No need to click multiple times before being able to buy the NFT.

 Gas preset – Set a gas preset for priority + amount of gas you’re willing to pay. This preset is for the “quick buy button” above, which helps you snipe NFTs before someone else does from the activity page, for example, if you set a slightly high gas preset.

Contract ninja – Enter the collection’s contract address + number of NFTs + price of NFTs to buy directly from the contract. The value of this is in that you can buy directly from the contract if the collection’s website is down/under attack, etc. It can also help avoid gas wars a little as it can be quicker than buying on an overloaded website. Other contract functionality is also possible.

Gas tracker – See live gas prices directly in the extension without you needing to go on yet another website.

 3rd Pillar – DeFi 2.0 DAO Protocol, Decentralized Gaming and P2E Management

This is where Alphie whales get fatter and become whales together

Apart from immediate utility through the tools and content described above that will help you massively in becoming a whale yourself, Alphie frens will be part of an exclusive DeFi 2.0 DAO Protocol focused on Digital Gaming Assets Management and a couple of other amazing stuff we just can’t reveal yet – ok, I’ll give you one teaser: airdrop

I won’t go into too many details but these are some of the exciting things we’re looking at implementing to collectively create the mother of all whales

Play-to-earn: Bridging the gap between gaming NFT owners and “scholar” players.

Rent-to-earn: No time to play but can afford to fund? You can rent out your NFTs to be used by our “scholars”.

Gaming assets acquisitions and management: Think Gala Nodes management services, gaming/metaverse land purchases, etc.

We’re already working on setting up a team overseas to play P2E games like Axie Infinity and others to earn their token as well as looking a potential NFT/gaming land purchases and other gaming assets to prepare for the crypto gaming explosion coming to the space. This is in order to continue to build value for the future DAO.

We don’t want to reveal too much more yet but this should give you enough info to get a feel for what we’re looking at doing in taking advantage of the exploding NFT gaming and DeFi space to make the long-term journey of all Alphie whales worth it, as well as sustaining the longevity of the project.

For more information please check our whale-paper at: https://whaletogether.gitbook.io/whale-paper/