VR Hamsters



VR Hamsters




VR Hamsters collection is comprised of 5,555 NFTs that will live in the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is the key to a private club, the purpose of which is to create a new public art platform in the metaverse using VR technologies.

Together with the community, the Hamsters Museum will be built, its prototype can already be visited on our website . The museum will be open to everyone who wants to plunge into the world of art.

The Hamsters Museum has a key role in the metaverse, as it will leave a mark on the development of NFT art and attract a new audience for the further development of technologies and the WEB 3.0 universe. The use of virtual reality also makes a significant contribution to the development, as a result, users get a unique experience, and NFT art will become more massive and attract the attention of new investors.

The team’s priority is the development of its own brand and VR technologies that have been recently introduced into the NFT industry. In order to implement all ideas, not only proper funding is needed, but also the trust of the community. We believe that generosity and respect for the community at the start will give more than greed and budget cuts.