Todd Terry: Fuzz Box

Collection Solana


1.05 Ethereum


Dirty beats. Funky loops. Furious breaks.

Todd Terry first released Fuzz Box in 2000 as a DJ promo-only vinyl on InHouse Records under his alias Swan Lake. On a recent journey to his personal record vault, Todd uncovered three boxes containing 60 sealed copies of the record – the last 60 in his possession. Now Todd and InHouse are releasing this treasured vinyl from the vault, and each copy will be signed by the hand of Todd.

Completing the bundle is a brand new Fuzz Box remix and extended mix, exclusive to NFT holders and ready for club play. Holders will also receive exclusive behind-the-scenes video documenting the creative process behind the remix, and a copy of Todd’s iconic Black Riot Megapack, a sample pack containing 190 classic loops, hits and sounds.

Available Copies: 60

Price: USD 100 / SOL ~2.35