The Goobers


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The Goobers

Project Details:

  • Total Volume: 961 ETH
  • Floor Price: 0.034
  • Listed:  1%
  • Unique Owners: 30%

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Find a Brain. Blend In. 

The Goobers Collection is comprised of 15,000 unique, randomized NFTs. Each Goober has venture out into the world to discover an item to serve as its brain, in desperate hopes of avoiding capture by the mega corporation, ChemiCo. Using different hats, outfits, accessories, and animations to cloak their identity in a silly but fashionable style, the Goobers use their newfound brain power to stay hidden in plain sight. 

Alongside incredible, high-quality artwork and innovative animations, each Goober NFT permits its holder to obtain special perks and exclusive NFTs as well as access to the Gooberverse.