The Space Bulls



The Space Bulls


DATE: December 23, 2021 – January 07, 2022

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The SpaceBulls

The SpaceBulls are a community-driven NFT project. After more than a year of hard work, 8888 unique 3D Boxed Space Bulls with over a hundred carefully hand-drawn traits are ready to be minted into the Metaverse. They will live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our Design:

We started with SpaceBull hand-drawn sketches in 2020. Our amazing team felt like there were too many 2D projects in the market, so we wanted to come up with something unique and original. All SpaceBulls are carefully created and rendered in 3D software. But we felt like a 3D NFT project wasn’t enough, we wanted to develop something even more special. So we came up with 3D rotating collectable boxes that cover the SpaceBull. This adds a unique touch to an NFT that has never been seen before!

Unbox your SpaceBull

Once all SpaceBulls have settled, SpaceBull holders will be able to generate an identical but unique SpaceBull avatar that will live in a separate collection. We call this process “unboxing”. Further information will be revealed soon. An unboxed Spacebull is a profile picture (avatar) version of your Spacebull that you can use on your social media accounts.