The Sloth Tribe Exclusive Mint


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The Sloth Tribe Exclusive Mint


Company: The Sloth Tribe

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The Sloth Tribe is a collection of 8,888 Sloths living on the Ethereum blockchain. The Sloth NFT acts as a membership to the greatest community and grants access to unique utilities.

✅ 100% of secondary sale income (royalties) will go towards buying blue-chip NFTs for The community. Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, MeeBits.

✅ Sloth owners will have the ability to choose a tribe, you can either get an OG pixel sloth or a 3D sloth, each tribe gets its own advantages.

✅ Sloths want to sleep wealthy forever, the community will host an annual retirement summit in a giant secret mansion where all sloth owners will get a chance to chill like they never did before.

✅ 20 sloths will carry a 1 ETH redeemable treasure

✅ The king of the sloth will carry 10% of the royalties

✅ The golden sloth will carry 5% of the royalties

There is some special sloth hidden with a special reward… ?