The sheinz kingdom



The sheinz kingdom


DATE: July 07, 2022 – July 14, 2022



The Sheinz is a collection of 7777 non-fungible tokens made up of hundreds of different visual characteristics. The Sheinz Kingdom is constantly expanding, and new experiences can only be obtained by collectors. As the kingdom grows, so does our brand, and through ownership, collectors gain access to exclusive products, merchandise, events, and the Sheinz Island.

Having a Sheinz allows you to vote on features, products, and events driven by the community. Therefore, our roadmap will be decided by the project founders and Sheinz holders through the SheinzLabsBNK. We fund these experiences from the SheinzLabsBNK community treasury.

The plans & implementations of Sheinz Island [The Palace] will be annouced soon after the completion of RoadMap 2.0.