The Ronaldinhos



The Ronaldinhos


DATE: April 21, 2022 – April 28, 2022




The Ronaldinho NFT Collection consist of up to 2.224 unique Dinhos living in Ethereum. This is the Official NFT Collection of Ronaldinho, brought to you by Shirtum.

Each of these Dinhos is a PFP avatar representing his memorabilia through the charisma, happiness and love for the game that Ronaldinho has always shown

By owning a Dinho, you will unlock unique utilities in the metaverse, as well as online and IRL with Ronaldinho and the Dinhos community. As a holder, you will get to experience Ronaldinho’s story like never before.


Ronaldinho’s exclusive channel on Discord – live stream with Ronaldinho – airdrop of cinematic NFTs – raffle of items signed by Ronaldinho – opportunity to meet Ronaldinho in person – 22 lucky holders will play a game with Ronaldinho, and much more!

This dhino will explode in your heart. Cool art Nft collection!