The Rawlings Primus NFT collection


1.05 Ethereum


The iconic baseball equipment and apparel brand Rawlings Sporting Goods is heading to the NFT ballpark. In partnership with Dream Syndicate, Rawlings is presenting the first-ever Web3 project in its history, titled ‘The Rawlings PRIMUS NFT collection’. The centerpiece of the collection is a baseball glove which will be represented in a brand-new way by Rawlings.

The Rawlings PRIMUS NFT collection is a series of non-fungible tokens tied to real gloves. It means that each holder of NFT from the collection can exchange it for an exclusive physical glove. Both digital and physical gloves were exclusively designed and manufactured for this NFT drop and will never be made again! Each glove comes with the NFT edition number stamped on it and, also, with a Certificate of Authenticity.

There will be four rarity tiers within the collection: the Pro Tier, the Gold Tier, the Platinum Tier, and the 1/1 Lindor edition.

  • The Pro Tier includes 300 NFTs featuring an ultra-premium steer hide glove, at $500 USD each.
  • The Gold Tier includes 150 NFTs featuring an ultra-luxurious kip leather glove, at $750 USD each.
  • The Platinum Tier has just 10 NFTs, featuring a specialized glove design at $1,500 USD each.
  • A single edition of the Lindor glove, worn by legendary Francisco Lindor, will be sold at auction. All the proceeds will be passed to Lindor’s charity of choice.

The purchase will be available in ETH. The equivalent ETH prices will be announced close to the sale date.

One more peculiarity of this drop is that each NFT within the collection will include an unlockable Augmented Reality Quicklook file. Using this file, each holder will be able to visualize his NFT in real-world 3D.

All NFT holders will also get access to some future benefits including events, new projects, and an exclusive invite to the Discord community.

The Rawlings PRIMUS NFT collection will be available via the OpenSea marketplace in late August.

Whether you are a baseball fan or just an avid collector of exclusive things, a one-of-a-kind NFT paired with an exclusive physical glove is a real catch. Join the drop!


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