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The NFT collection The Random Rabbits turns digital rabbit owners into investors in sustainable cocoa and coffee plantations. This is the first time a project has linked the hype around digital art with real-world added value.

If one speaks of NFT collections, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the Crypto Punks, Moonbirds or CloneX come to mind for the interested observer. In the shadow of these so-called blue chip collections, countless projects are developing around digital art, all trying to attract attention with the same buzzwords. The Random Rabbits are different. They promise real-world utility.

This 10,000-image Profile Picture Kollection (PFP) has made it its mission to buy coffee and cocoa plantations with the money raised at the launch. The farmers are permanently employed and receive a fair wage that is independent of the harvest. The yields are brought to Europe without middlemen and are processed and sold there. In the future, the development of an own brand is planned. 50% of the proceeds go to the maintenance of existing and the development of new plantations, 50% go to the farmers and the owners of the Random Rabbits NFTs. The amount of the share is determined by the rarity of the respective Random Rabbit NFT. In addition, each NFT holder receives a share of the harvest delivered to their home each month.

While coffee and cocoa turn over billions worldwide, farmers often work far below the poverty line. Fair Trade seals advertise fair payment, but this is often barely enough to survive. In addition, the farmers bear the risk of crop failure. Due to lack of education, many farmers do not even know how much their product is really worth. So it is easy to cheat them out of a fair payment for their harvest.

The NFT collection Random Rabbits is based on the Polygon blockchain and will start its public sale on September 16, 2022. On September 12, 2022, the pre- sale will begin. Anyone can register for a whitelist spot at If there are more than 1000 registrations, the decision will be made by random draw. The Mint price is 500 MATIC.


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