The Pointless Pigeons of Shill City Launch





The Pointless Pigeons of Shill City Launch

Collection Ethereum


Company: The Pointless Pigeons of Shill City

When humankind left for the Metaverse the Pigeons of Shill City became Pointless: no more heads to poop on, no more garbage bags to destroy and no more traffic to disrupt. After realizing no one would come back, the Pointless Pigeons decided to take matter into their own wings and take over Shill City. Now they’re building a new society, together with the Flock.

We exist by the grace of the amazing NFT community, so we intend to create a loyal flock of followers who all get an equal chance at becoming our awesome new owners. Since we’re created by mama birds we support the female NFT community.

Mint price: 0,04 ETH
Supply: 6,200 unique randomly generated Pointless Pigeons