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The Last Raptor NFT Collection

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  • Presale Date: December 02, 2021 – December 02, 2021

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1.05 Ethereum


1923 unique Raptors are about to be unleashed! “Do you know what’s better than a high-quality piece of art? A high-quality piece of art with a utility!“ With this concept in mind, we went above and beyond to create an NFT collection that becomes a game-changer. The Last Raptor is a collection of 1923 generative Raptors with hundreds of 1/1 hand-drawn pieces. Each piece is unique, with its own color palette and composition. The goal was to make each Raptor idiosyncratic to place a premium on quality above quantity. As long as you hold at least one Raptor in your wallet, you will be showered with benefits along the way. Check out our roadmap, and you will be surprised 😉