The Green Apron NFT Collection by Starbucks



The Green Apron NFT Collection by Starbucks


DATE: August 01, 2023 – August 02, 2023




Coffee-making company Starbucks introduces The Green Apron, the eighth NFT collection within its Web3 loyalty and rewards program Starbucks Odyssey. The latest series presents 5,000 stamps, each priced at $100.

The collection honors the evolution of Starbucks’ aprons worn by its baristas over the past 50+ years since the company’s foundation. It features the first apron design used by Starbucks baristas from the coffee company’s birthplace in Pike Place, Seattle, United States, to the currently used Siren apron.

The Green Apron stamps reveal follows Starbucks’ announcement back in May regarding the launch of its unique Green Apron Blend coffee, a new kind of beverage created by Starbucks baristas.

The latest collection will initially be opened to members of the brand’s dedicated Web3 loyalty program, Starbucks Odyssey, who can mint a maximum of two stamps. Those members who have three or more collectibles from previous Starbucks collections and Starbucks employees will be given a three-hour headstart to purchase the stamps. Public access will commence from August 1st until the collection sells out.

Starbucks’ continued foray into the non-fungible realm portrays its undying commitment to blending the worlds of coffee lovers with cutting-edge blockchain technology. Set your alarm for the drop so you don’t miss out!