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The Frenchies NFT

Project Details:

  • Presale Date: December 12, 2021 – December 19, 2021

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1.05 Ethereum


TFNFT is a collection of 5050 Frenchies on the Solana Blockchain. Embark with us on the metaverse with these 3D French Bulldog designed by top-notch artist. 5050 unique Frenchies programmatically generated from over 130+ possible traits. All characteristics and accessories (skin, clothes, collar, glasses, hat, background … are designed and handcrafted by a team of 3D artists. You will own the intellectual property and commercial rights of your Frenchie. You can build derivatives from it and own any potential monetization. Own 1 TFNFT: guaranteed allocation on the next collections. Own 3 TFNFTs: get an airdrop on the futures collections (The Crazy Bulldog collection is planned for 2022). Participate in the TFNFT DAO : be heard and have a voice on future development of the project. 10% of the futures collections sales (and royalties) will go directly to the TFNFT DAO and will be redistributed to holders. Royalties from the secondary market will be set at 4.4% and half of them will be redistributed to the community through 3 different mechanisms: 10% will go to the DAO. 10% will be distributed to people using TFNFT as their profile picture on Twitter. Effective as soon as Twitter certifies the NFT as PFP. 30% will be used to reinvest for further development of the project which will benefit the TFNFT community (sweep up the floor, buy some NFTs, partnerships, raffles, …). More questions? Reach our discord! Our loyal members, moderators, TFNFT team will always be happy to help you.