The First Movers Club

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1.05 Ethereum


We are the survivors of Mt.Gox, The DAO and Crypto Winter. We brought skin into play when NEO was still called Antshares. We received 100k XRP as an airdrop. We know what a hard fork feels like. We are the First Movers!

The First Movers are friends, OGs, early crypto adopters and veterans of the crypto space. Together they fought against SCAM and FOMO to survive Mt. Gox and #cryptoWinter.

Mint price: 11 MATIC

Each of the 1,111 NFTs exists as a randomly generated ERC-721 token on the Polygon blockchain. With 320+ colorful traits across 16 categories every First Mover is individual and unique. The collection focuses on crypto-related wording, famous memes and many colors.