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The Contemporary Clergy

CreatorsNFT Droppers
Collection Solana

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  • Pre-Sale Price: 0.42 SOL
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  • Collection Count: 420 Items
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  • Category: Collectible
  • Presale Date: July 30, 2022

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The Contemporary Clergy is our first Fine Art collection, created in association with our Loose Moose of the Sollyverse, under 420 moments. The collection honours contemporary figures who have fulfilled the role the church should be. These are key guiding icons who shine a light and guide us through modern confusion, from Joe Rogan with his mighty podcast to David Attenborough, enlightening us about our planet. The future of the Contemporary Clergy, sees us looking to create a meta verse Cathedral, featuring our members in their stained glass windows, which will grant access to the invaluable information these guys provide. By owning an NFT you become an official member of Meta Church.