Stone Squad NFT

Collection Ethereum

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1.05 Ethereum


4444 Unique 3D Ancient Greek Stones finally discovered all the LIT sh*t civilisation has to offer – explosives, cars, drippy fashion, superyachts, and all that.

Our project is fuelled by our strange storyline, secret phrases, and unique utility in adventure travel, entrepreneurship, networking, NFT culture, and more!

Some Utility of our Project:

– Discounted adventure trips to exotic locations

Stone Squad has partnered with Yolo Emirates (adventure travel company) based in the UAE to provide holders with discounted unforgettable trips internationally. Our team will be going on an annual cruise tour to see the Northern lights in Norway.

– Free airdrop of Stone’s Kingdom

After the Stone Squad discovered their past before they were turned to stone, they found out that they each own a royal kingdom! Stone Squad holders will receive a free airdrop of a secondary real estate collection, giving holders exclusive access to the Royal Stone Club – a private network of Web 3 business idea generation.

– Holder events

Stone Squad will be regularly hosting networking events starting in Dubai, Los Angeles, and London. The first event will take place on a yacht in Dubai where holders can start registering for the Stone Squad ‘Launchpad’ initiative, in which our team will be looking to invest in ONE best idea brought to us by our community.

– Olympus Meta Auction House

Stone Squad holders will have a VIP selling pass in our Greek-style meta auction house. By owning our NFT you will be able to display and sell ANY of your owned NFTs in a unique metaverse experience.

MINT DATE: August 18, 2022