Stardom Chance Studios Starbabies NFT Collection

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Stardom Chance was formed with one premise in mind – to give talent a real shot at making it on the big screen and to give people who want to work in the greatest industry in the world a chance to do just that – a real and fair chance.

The Stardom Chance Genesis NFT Series, STARBabies, is a limited collection of NFT art based on iconic film characters. Your unique NFT art is your digital Stardom Chance Guild membership card that also gives you exclusive VIP opportunities in the making of their films.

The ultimate “back-stage-pass” to a host of exclusive experiences and insider perks including:

– Actual speaking roles in upcoming Stardom Chance Studio movies.

– In-person opportunities to visit a Stardom Chance Studio movie set

– Tickets to a Stardom Chance Studio movie premiere

– Attendance to virtual movie premiers

– In-person chances to be on set during filming

– Free streaming of all Stardom movies and much more.

Stardom Chance is rebirthing the film and television industry. As such, you’ll find our characters are depicted as toddlers, a parody of the classic roles they are dressed up as. Fresh faced, creative, fearless and determined, each is a one-of-a-kind piece, and their after-market value will fluctuate based on the rarity of its features.

These rarities make each NFT unique and can be a classic or a mash up. Picture a toddler dressed as Indiana Jones, in all his or her gear, standing in a pit of snakes. Indiana may hold the Golden Chalice, an Oscar Statue, or a Box of Chocolates from Forrest Gump, or may end up on the Yellow Brick Road rather than in the dreaded snake pit.

The A-List (think whitelist) is the ultimate “Velvet Rope” Pass.

A-List registration is open from July 12 starting at 12:00pm (noon) pacific until July 25, 2022.

Once you’re registered on the A-List, you will be notified by email/text to remind you of the 24 hour mint period, which opens on Tuesday, July 26, starting at 12:00pm (noon) pacific.

You will then have an exclusive, pre-public, 24-hour whitelist window to purchase your STARBabies NFT and secure your Stardom Chance Guild membership before the Public Sale on July 27. A-List spots are limited, and once they are gone, everyone else will have to compete on the open market for a STARBabies NFT.

The A-List Mint price will be $250, public sale price is $300. Purchases can be made by Credit Card or Crypto (on Polygon Matic)

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