Sport X Metaverse




Sport X Metaverse

Collection Polygon


DATE: May 23, 2023 – May 23, 2023

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3344 White Lists to early community  What is Sport X? Sport X metaverse is a project that has a goal to create a website and metaverse with own social network, where people can do sports and earn crypto. Main goal is to help people get stronger and healthier! Everyone in our ecosystem can earn our crypto, so you get healthy and wealthy  Our NFTs are passes to the Sport X Metaverse! If you want to be part of our sport ecosystem you need to own PASS. What does this pass give you? Our pass gives opportunity to: 1) Token airdrops 2) Several function on our site or metaverse 3) Access to M2E ,free m2e attributes to make crypto This is a free mint raffle!It would be on POLYGON Blockchain!