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0.8 SOL


1000 Items




Collection Solana

Project Details:

  • Public Sale Price: 0.8 SOL
  • Collection Count: 1000 Items
  • Traits Count: n/a
  • Category: Utility
  • Presale Date: September 17, 2022

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1.05 Ethereum


SolSphere is providing a valuable 1 of 1 asset that will pay a return to its holders. By owning any generation of SolSphere NFTs, holders will be in position to access the SolSphere return/staking pool. For every sale aftermarket, SolSphere will take an 8% royalty fee. This fee will be split into two parts: 3.5% of the royalties will be re-invested into SolSphere and the other 4.5% will be directly deposited into the return pool. Therefore, with each after-market sale of a SolSphere NFT, 4.5% of the royalties will be allocated into a pool, which in turn, will be given back to our holders. For every subsequent week that a SolSphere NFT is held by one of our holders, they will become eligible to reap the benefits of the return pool. At the end of each week, Solana from the return pool will be evenly dispersed to the eligible holders. Eligible holders must make a conscious effort each week to ensure their wallet address is still available.