Solana Monkey Holidays: Christmas Drop



Solana Monkey Holidays: Christmas Drop


Company: Solana Monkey Holidays: Christmas

Solana Monkey Holidays: Christmas is the first diversity-based derivative collection of Solana Monkey Business (SMB) and the only one that contains GIFs. 4,888 generated festive monkeys will be airdropped to SMB holders and the remaining will be sold at 0.35 SOL on 29 November 6:00 UTC. From the primary sales, 30% will be donated to MonkeDAO. All holders will be part of the HolidayDAO, where future DAO tokens will be rewarded to holders and active members.

Upon the completion of Solana Monkey Holidays: Christmas, the HolidayDAO will complete the following roadmap:

A Mutli-chain DAO
Starting on Solana, HolidayDAO will combine collections and communities from multiple blockchains in order to create a complete and diverse group of members.

Once the DAO has been created, the community will vote on members to lead different departments, such as law, strategy, marketing and design to name a few. After completion, teams will hold meetings and create proposals for all members to vote on.

The Treasury
DAO treasury will consist of primary and secondary sales from all Holiday Collections, donations from derivatives or from members within or outside the DAO, potential auctions of rare Holiday NFTs, staking NFTs or tokens, and any other ideas which will be created and decided upon by the HolidayDAO community. Each HolidayDAO collection will donate a percentage of primary sale revenue to different charities worldwide, chosen and voted on by the DAO.

Holiday Marketplace
A dedicated marketplace will be launched not only for Solana Monkey Holidays, but for all upcoming collections made by HolidayDAO.

HolidayDAO token
A community governance token will be created and dropped to the holders of collections created by HolidayDAO. Some of the main utilities will be to re-invest, crowdfund and generate passive income for the stakers.

Collab with regionally specific cultural artists
Our team has established good contact with brands and NFT artists from around the world to co-create amazing collections for our community and the greater NFT space that will help grow the HolidayDAO brand.

Holidayland Metaverse
Take ownership of your land in the metaverse: a paradise all your own! In a world where holidays are now far and few, what better than to create that dream in Holidayland?