750 Items

Solana Baby HODL Whales

Project Details:

  • Public Sale Price: 7 SOL
  • Collection Count:  750 Items
  • Traits Count: 50
  • Category: Metaverse

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1.05 Ethereum


The Solana Baby HODL Whales are a collection of 750 diamond hand NFT collectors in addition to their Male and Female parents who are the last surviving species from the port of Diamond City. The mint will be with the $KRILL token with the initial breed cost at 1800 $KRILL. The breeding time for the whales will be a 14 day long period along with a breeding cool down of the parental whales of 21 days. Utilities: Baby HODL Whales will earn 20 $KRILL a day when by itself. However, whales are always stronger in groups. When paired with a male and a female, they will earn an extra 10 $KRILL per day! Baby HODL Whales will get 100% of royalties from secondary distributed back to the holders!