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Smugglebot The Smuggleverse


DATE: Jun 11, 2022 – Jun 18, 2022

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(Globe Newswire) — through newmediawire — Las Vegas, Nevada, June 7, 2022 Cyber cannabis and NFTs will change forever after the arrival of Smugglebot.

Let’s imagine a brave new world where avatars have major label deals and the most desirable digital cannabis strains are trafficked across the Metaverse. Smugglebot and possibly the most unusual NFT project to date have made the blockchain a lot more entertaining and engaging.

Do you want to own NFTs that have the capacity to be “sliced and stacked,” producing a one-of-a-kind gamification element that permits a new type of value and scarcity? You are now able to do so, and doing so will put you in competition with some of the game’s all-time greats.

Smugglebot, the first to take dealin’ from the real world to the Metaverse, has teamed up with some of the most notorious smugglers in order to build the first digital underworld market in the Metaverse. This marketplace is going by the name of the Smuggleverse.

Bruce Perlowin, the “king of weed” and former CEO of hemp inc. (otc:hemp), has joined Smugglebot’s roster of real-world smugglers. Because so many people watched his 2009 CNBC show, he became well-known in the cannabis market.

Next, Smugglebot has come up with a way to use its own patented technologies to make and smuggle the most infectious strains of digital cannabis.

Cryptonyte, the first digital strain to be brought into the Smuggleverse, has a long list of avatars who want to try it.

The Smuggleverse has also developed the very first avatar music company, Smuggleverse Music Group, helmed by a team that has collaborated with Dr. Dre, Tyga, Diplo, David Guetta, Bruno Mars, e-40, and other music giants. The label’s debut release is by Smugglebot.

Just click on the link here to find out how you can join the revolution and become the most feared kingpin the Metaverse has ever seen.

Alternately, you may click this link to join our Discord and find out when and where the first one will be held.

You can also follow the Smuggleverse on:

Twitter: https://twitter.Com/smuggleverse

Ig: https://www.Instagram.Com/smuggleverse/

Fb: https://www.Facebook.Com/smuggleverse

Smuggleverse Information

Anyone with a Metamask wallet may buy and sell Polygon blockchain-minted digital cannabis and music NFTs on the Smuggleverse’s NFT marketplace. Because they represent “digital” cannabis, these NFTs are purely abstract and have no connection to the real thing. See for additional information!

Contact: Adrienne Uthe

Kronus communications

Mobile: +1 [715] 418-1614


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