SmackManCoin by Flux Collective


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SmackManCoin by Flux Collective

Project Details:

  • BLOCKCHAIN: Polygon
  • PRE-SALE PRICE: 0.05
  • PRE-SALE DATE: 09-28-2022
  • PUBLIC SALE DATE: 09-30-2022

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The SmackManCoin is the new NFT collection by Flux Collective, the Underground Art Network No. 1! The SmackManCoins are designed by a collaboration of the following three OGs: REINHARD SCHMID – Reinhard is a full-time Artist with more than 30 years of experience in traditional and 25 years in digital art. In 2018 he started his journey into crypto art as one of the very first artists on Makersplace. Soon after that he was accepted by all the premier marketplaces, including SuperRare, KnownOrigin, AsyncArt and NiftyGateway. In 2020 he was admitted into the prestigious Art x Whale project and he was recently included into the “TOP 50 NFT Artists in the World” by the renowned NFT Magazine. COUDE – Coude is Co-Founder of the Flux Collective, the leading NFT Community established in Germany in 2020. As an artist he was responsible for the visual appearance of the Flux Collective from the beginning. He also has designed the “Flux Black Token”, the Communities Genesis Token. EMPERIOM – Michael Emperiom is the No. 1 Game-Music-OG from Europe. He is a full-time musician and a classically trained composer who can easily write orchestra arrangements by hand. He studied classical composition and audio engineering and is part of the last generation to learn to record fully analog, on a large mixing desk and a tape machine. In 2010 he decided to start SOUND OF GAMES, the No. 1 Production Company for Game Music, or let’s say Music for the Metaverse. 😉 The SmackManCoin is an NFT Collection of 1111 Coins, with 39 different visuals and audio loops, but different nominals/rarities. Each of the 39 different styles reflects a virtue of the SmackMan and the Flux Collective. Why 39 styles? Have you ever heard of Numerology and number mysticism? If not, then you should do some research, then you know why… 😉 Be prepared for a little surprise, when you become a member of the discord. The Coins will also serve as a free mint utility for upcoming drops and collections! So stay tuned and don´t blink!