Slavik Fruit Farmminting



Mint price

75 CRO


5000 Items


Slavik Fruit Farm

CreatorsNFT Droppers
Collection CRO

Project Details:

  • Public Sale Price: 75 CRO
  • Pre-Sale Price: 75 CRO
  • Collection Count:  5000 Items
  • Traits Count: 50
  • Category: Collectible
  • Presale Date: March 24, 2022

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1.05 Ethereum


Slavik Fruit Farms first collection consists of 5000 Unique Fruit Farmers living and loving on the Cronos Blockchain. Here on The Slavik Fruit Farm, we believe our Holders & Beings around the world are the web of connection. Allowing WORLDWIDE support, to Farmers and Animals in need. Along with cleaning our Oceans, Saving the Earth’s forests and promoting renewable energy. Our mission is to Heal, Help & Impact as many beings lives as possible. From Far & Wide, New & Seasoned NFT Adopters & Metaverse Travelers. Each Unique Fruit Farmer will give the holder exclusive first access to all Slavik Fruit Farm Expansions & Farm DAO Voting Rights. Including Events, Giveaways, Airdrops, and Merch!