Sky King

Collection Cardano

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1.05 Ethereum


First and foremost, Sky King is a project of wholesomeness. We want to create a little slice of sanctuary online for everyone and anyone, a place where Kings and Queens can come together to celebrate all that is right and good in the world.

This collection of 8 072 pilots centres around Richard Russel, AKA Beebo, AKA Sky King, a ground-service agent who stole a plane and took his first and last flight. This is a story of how all one man wanted to do was a barrel roll; and how he taught us that anything is possible.

Your pilot NFT will grant you access to the Sky King game, which takes the story of Beebo, gives it wings and elevates it further into new dimensions.

A portion of each NFT sale will be donated to institutions that help support those battling mental illness.