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Shinsekai NFTs


Company: Shinsekai

Project Links:

Shinsekai aims to build the greatest NFT manga community and push this industry towards its final stage of evolution. To achieve that, they will publish a manga book, create a Mangaverse, start a clothing brand, then develop other related products revolving around Shinsekai Corp.

When and Where

The NFTs will be running from April 07, 2022, on the OpenSea marketplace. They will also be providing a way for their members to use their favorite characters as avatars. This is in virtual reality (Metaverse). Joining Shinsekai means being part of web 3.0’s largest Manga & Anime family. We believe in a new form of collectible avatars and the evolution of anime. Shinsekai is creating an ecosystem for enthusiasts. Additionally, to allow them to connect with others in the manner they wish. They hope to transform it into a brand that will interact with its audience through various interests- clothing brands, broadcasting, etc.

Shinsekai Info

Shinsekai aims to bring a unique and immersive experience to manga and Anime enthusiasts all around the world. Founders of this bandwagon share the same passion for art and hence decided to introduce it with one of the most popular technological trends of all time. “Manga and Anime can be many things – it can be a way of telling a story, it can be a form of art, but at its basis is the ability to inspire imagination. The world will bring together all types of enthusiasts with their style and personality so that we may expand the creativity itself.”- Said Cedric Kashama.

Creator: Shinsekai
Blockchain: Ethereum
Marketplace: OpenSea

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