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DATE: September 27, 2022 – October 04, 2022

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Shikigai is a web3 IP with a mission to bridge, educate, and onboard Web2 onto Web3 through immersive storytelling, culture, and digital identity. We plan to do this by building a foundation in the web3 side through the GENESIS collection and then taking our efforts to establishing a community in web2 through our core story. #storytellingNFTs

8190 avatars on the Ethereum blockchain
0.088 eth for allowlist

We are the storytellers of Web3. Building culture rooted in empowerment & curiosity.

Growing up as a creative, we were more or less confined to societal constructs – a predetermined path of education to a professional career. This model alienated the rebels, the outliers, and the ones who wanted to break away, with gatekeepers at the helm, deciding if our creative expression was valuable enough to be seen. With Web3, we saw an opportunity to be an agent of change and create a world that disrupted this notion.

We all love anime/manga. Our inspirations, motivations, and growth as humans have come from anime. These stories drove our own individual artistries over the years. With SHIKIGAI, our vision is to create a story & world that fosters the pursuit of individual identity.

We will start our journey in web3 building the foundation & planting the seeds with our GENESIS community. From there, we plan on mobilizing story & community through web2 tangible products. We will slowly spread our values and ultimately expand our brand & IP to grow into a global phenomenon.

Building something of quality understandably takes time. We are here for the long term, and that aspect will not change.

SHIKIGAI is a universe for creative exchange and expression.

What’s your story?


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