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ShibAcademy is a unique 3D mini-arcade metaverse based on SOLANA network.

999 unique 3D shibas will learn how to save the world in the SHIBACADEMY, contest each other and earn SHIBAGOODIE COIN.

Imagine if shibas had superpowers to save our world from disasters and evil. They are not only cute puppies but superheroes who will make our world better! Save the planet, learn new skills and become the most powerful shiba hero in the world!

ShibAcademy was founded in 1936, on the day Shiba was recognized as the national treasure of Japan. Only the best Shibas of the planet enroll in the Academy, where at 15 faculties Inu Masters develop the strengths of these cute dogs into superpowers.

Say YES to cute faces! Due to this sweet advantage, Shibu can get access to any place on the planet. But that’s only half of the battle because now they have real superpowers they were taught at ShibAcademy. Shiba uses them to fight evil and save the world. Invisible to us. Every day.

The unique brand of Digital NFT toys Shiba on SOLANA. The universe of SHIBACADEMY has incredibly detailed characters. This game has an exciting story, Shiba merch, secret additions, and big plans!

Our mission is not just creating the project, but we also expect a whole range of SHIBACADEMY toys. We are going to build a long-term outlook for developing and expanding The Shiba Universe and its activities.

Shibademy 3d game is an arcade minigame metaverse.

You will complete tasks, get shibagoody and buy new stuff for your shiba!

Your main goal is to increase your Shiba’s level and become the most experienced shiba in academy!

You’ll start in the shibacademy main park and every day you’ll get your mini-quests to learn how to save the world! Each game gives you some shiba goodiecoin and rating points.

Top participants will get extra shiba goodiecoin!