Ryuk Baby Doge


1.05 Ethereum


These unique NFT posters are for Ryuk Baby, a collection inspired by Baby Doge and Dogecoin, but they are not part of these projects. it is a fully decentralized collection, it belongs to the Polygon blockchain.

5% of the sale will go to the Baby Doge project and 5% will be invested in Dogecoin purchases.


07/15/2022 start creating NFT.

07/15/2022 create a collection of landing pages on Opensea.

07/27/2022 Finalize missing NFTs.

07/27/2022 Giveaway of 5 Ryuk Baby Doge 4 on Twitter.

07/29/2022 an nft is sent to the winners of the draw.

08/10/2022 Minting Ryuk Baby Doge collection at Opensea.

After the Ryuk Baby Doge sale ends, a second edition will begin and a free NFT will be sent to each holder.