Run Run Chicken Drop





Run Run Chicken Drop

Collection Solana


Company:  RRC

Supply: 3333
Price: 0.69420 SOL
Mint: 12th of December 9PM UTC

Run Run Chicken (RRC) is a project-game inspired by the Wolf Game on ETH. We want to bring a similar project onto Solana as we see Solana as a big thing in the future.

Just to clarify everything, we’re a Solana (SOL) based project!

In RRC you will take part of the minting process where you will either be able to mint a Fox ? or a Chicken ?

? Foxes:

If you’ve minted a Fox, you’re quite lucky as the chances of getting one are 10%.

What can you do as Fox?

– First of all, consider yourself the alphas of the game.
– Secondly, you can stake and earn a share of 25% tax of all the $EGG generated and laid by the Chickens.
– Thirdly, you’ve got a 8% chance of stealing new mints.
– Fourthly, stake your Fox and get a chance of catching an unstaked Chicken’s $EGGs.


After minting a Chicken, you can stake it to earn an in-game token called $EGG.

What can you do as a Chicken?

– Stake your Chicken and earn up to 8,500 $EGG a day.
– Unstaking your chicken might cause you to lose 40% of your laid eggs that the Foxes can snatch.
– Empty your chicken from all of the $EGGs and collect 90% of the generated $EGG

Also, the rarer Fox you get, the bigger are your chances of stealing new mints and snatching $EGG.