Rengoku Legends



Rengoku Legends


DATE: January 17, 2022 – January 24, 2022

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From a team with experience working on projects such as Bladerunner 2049, Battlefield 2042, Need for Speed and Suicide Squad. Enter the world of Rengoku, a growing cosmic horror x Edo period Japanese IP.

Rengoku: Legends collection is the first opportunity for you to step into the Rengoku Universe. The collection consists of 8787 generated unique Samurai NFTs. Every NFT in the collection will have a generated animated background and soundtrack. Further to this, each token will act as a governance and exclusivity token to the stories told and artworks created in Rengoku. The team will act as dungeon masters as the community embark on an evolving campaign that will include the creation of artworks, audio tracks and physical items! There is still a lot to be announced including collaborations with big artists and entities in the space.